Auxiliary members are encouraged to get involved and stay informed

on local and national issues of special interest to the organization.


They keep in close contact with their legislative representatives about issues

that concern our veterans, young people and entire communities.



Many beneficial laws have been passed because of the

American Legion and Auxiliary Support.

Other laws that would have been detrimental or threatened to undermine

benefits for veterans and children have been defeated.


The American Legion and Auxiliary National Magazines endeavor to

explain these issues that need support from our membership.


The American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary work together to

try to prevent the reduction of benefits to our veterans.


Have you watched the cuts being made to our VA Hospitals?


Do you know what the death benefit currently is?


Do you know while we are currently having many of our soldiers

injured in Iraq and Afghanistan,

the benefits for rehabilitation may be cut?


Auxiliary members know there is strength in numbers.


We could use your help!


Please contact us!