The Auxiliary’s Membership program conducts ongoing recruiting to ensure the future growth and prosperity of the organization.  Unit members work diligently to publicize and promote the benefits, objectives and activities of the Auxiliary and seek out those eligible women who might be interested in membership and active involvement in Unit activities.  Units, Departments and Divisions vie in friendly competition against one another as they work toward reaching their individual and organizational membership goals.


   Each Unit has a membership chairman who keeps track of the membership, issues cards to paid up members, issue replacement cards, turn in and verifies applications from possible new members.


   Unit 2 has a board that lists all members as they pay their dues. Members that pay dues before Veterans Day each year are considered Early Birds. This board shows the current percentage towards the National Goal so all Auxiliary Members of the Unit will know where the Unit stands in trying to reach the goal.


   Membership is the key to having enough volunteers to actively promote the programs sponsored by the Unit. When membership decreases, there is often a lack of active members to pursue all the programs the Unit prefers to do. Then programs are shelved until there are more active members. When there is an increase in membership, then most or all programs are actively promoted.


   Any woman interested in membership should contact an officer of the Unit

or use the contact us link. Membership can be discussed along with the possible eligibility and required information. If you would like to meet and discuss possible membership, please contact us.