Public Relations


The Auxiliary’s positive public image and excellent reputation

in the community is no accident.


The Public Relations program works to establish and maintain good will

within the organization and with the general public

and promotes the Auxiliary’s many worthwhile programs,

events, activities and accomplishments

through every available medium.


Public Relations performs a dual function.

Doing things well and making sure that the public is aware of the efforts

and the results ensures continued community support

and awareness of Auxiliary programs.

Good publicity augments and supports the Auxiliary’s recruiting efforts

by attracting interested, eligible women and motivating them

to become active members.


A major communications vehicle is the Auxiliary’s bi-monthly

national magazine, National News.

This publication is a primary source of information

and means of communication between

the local Unit members and the organization’s national leadership.


American Legion Post and Unit # 2 has a bi-monthly newsletter.

All members of the William Bloys American Legion Family per address

receive this informational newsletter to keep track of upcoming events.

If you are not receiving a newsletter, please contact us!