Veteranís Affairs and Rehabilitation


The Auxiliaryís Veteranís Affairs and Rehabilitation program provides service and financial assistance to veterans and their families. Auxiliary members are interested in restoring the veteran and his family to normal function Ė physically, mentally, socially and vocationally. Members provide emotional support and cheerful companionship while attending to the hospitalized, handicapped and homebound veteransí physical comforts. This includes bringing physical comfort and mental cheer to veterans in hospitals, aiding the disabled to earn money for the support of themselves and their families.


A complete organization extending from the Unit to the National Organization is necessary. Years of experience in rehabilitation have brought about a systematizing of the activities that have proven to be the most efficient way to aid the different classes of disabled veterans. Units should work closely with the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Committees of their American Legion Posts and with other agencies in the community from which aid for the disabled is available.


In a single year, veteranís programs utilized the services of more than 100,000 hospital, field and home service volunteers who donated millions of dollars and millions of hours to assist veterans.The Auxiliaryís gift shops and holiday parties have become an essential part of the VA program. These gift shops are at no charge to the veteran utilizing the service. The Poppy program provides therapy and a means of earning money for handicapped and hospitalized veterans and their families.Members work with legislators and congressmen to pass legislation to increase government benefits and assistance for veterans.Essential equipment and supplies are purchased by caring members to upgrade and facilitate the level of care provided in veteranís facilities.Members furnish job assistance, transportation, food, clothing and medicine to thousands of needy, handicapped and homeless veterans.The Auxiliary plays a necessary and important role in the life of Americaís veterans.


Unit # 2 has members volunteering their services regularly

at the Veterans Hospital, hospice and doing home and field service.

There is more than one location to volunteer at.

We can always use help in these endeavors.

If you would like to volunteer, our chairman would set up your

training classes and make arrangements for your hours.