In 1954, The American Legionís National Executive Committee

authorized the creation of an American Legion Child Welfare Foundation

with broad powers to use such funds as it might receive

to benefit the children and youth of America.

The Foundation was incorporated under the laws of the State of Indiana.


It is the hope of the founders of this Foundation that, through it,

funds may become available to finance research, special projects,

demonstrations, and public education

regarding children over and above the existing program.

Through such activities, it is hoped that solutions may be

found to some of the problems of child welfare.

In this way, The American Legion and Auxiliary will have

an opportunity to channel a portion of its energies and resources

toward the prevention of childhood difficulties instead

of being forced to devote most of our time and funds towards

patching up sore spots after they have occurred.


The primary source of funds to the Foundation

has been from individual members of

The American Legion and American legion Auxiliary

and from investments.

In 1956 the Board of Directors of the Foundation,

with the approval of the National Convention,

established a Memorial Fund within the Foundation.

Through the Memorial Fund, a Unit or individual may,

through a contribution to the Foundation,

memorialize a deceased member.

Such memorial contributions are acknowledged by a fitting

memorial card sent to the family of the deceased.


William Bloys American Legion supports these concepts and

helps with the program whenever they can.