Youth Activities

Providing opportunities for youth and educating them about our American heritage.

Youth Activities Program

To teach America's youth about their responsibilities as citizens. The organization not only provides several scholarship opportunities but also sponsors groups such as Boy and Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs, and sports teams.


The fifth program to be adopted by the Ladies Auxiliary VFW was the Youth Program. It started with the formation of the Daughters of the VFW in 1935. It was apparent in 1938 that hundreds of Auxiliaries were assisting in all kinds of youth activities in addition to the Daughters. From these beginnings, our current Youth Activities Program came into existence.

For 2007-2008, the Ladies Auxiliary will be supporting the Snowball Express Foundation, which brings children of fallen heroes to California for a dream weekend of Disney adventures, fun, games and smiles.

The Outstanding Young Volunteer of the Year Award.  Please click on the link for additional information: