I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sponsoring me at Arizona Girls State this summer.  As the director of Girls State Penny Maklary said,   that week was definitely a citizenship experience      of "learning by doing." Let me share with you a brief synopsis of the program some of the activities in which I participated.

Hundreds of girls from all around the state were split into political parties, counties, and cities. I lived in Coronado Hall of University of Arizona with a diverse group of energetic and supporting girls. Our goal for the week was to create an imaginary 51st state, Arizona Girls State, and run it with political offices. I was a member of the Nationalist party in Yucca City  of Supai County. Within the second day, we had already begun the nomination and campaign process for the different positions.


By actively participating in the campaigning process, speeches, voting procedure, House of Representatives, I was able to experience firsthand the basics of how a state government functions. At Girls State, I was elected a member of the city council House of Representatives, and city budget director. I was also able to hear very inspiring presentations from Governor Janet Napolitano and her director of intergovernmental affairs, Anna Maria Chavez.

 Thank you again for this wonderful learning and growing experience. Without the American Legion Auxiliary this opportunity would not have been possible.